A communication adapted to your strategy.

A clear and effective communication strategy is a vital differentiating element, making it possible to stand out from the competition while increasing recognition and gaining market shares, leading naturally to growth, thanks to a comprehensive message and impactful actions.

We customize our approach to your means and ambitions, in order to reach your strategic objectives of communication, by erecting it at the heart of your development.

Together with your teams we set realistic goals, based on a deep diagnosis of your existing communication actions, in order to recommend and coordinate the deployment of a suitable and sustainable communication plan.

Our strategic recommendations are delivered in line with the objectives of your organization:


  • Communication audit and analysis of your current positioning
  • Definition of objectives according to your ambitions and the realities of the market
  • Messages to convey
  • Identification of your target audiences
  • Strategic recommendations
  • Choice of communication tools
  • Evaluation of financial and human resources


We leverage all of our skills and expertise in order to ensure the effectiveness of your communication, by accompanying you through:


  • Creation of visual identity
  • Communication strategy
  • Media plan
  • Events strategy
  • Operational marketing
  • Website content and design
  • Research and selection of suppliers
  • Operational monitoring of your projects
  • Coordination of stakeholders


Communication for leaders

Beyond a dedicated support for an event or a strategic speech, the Kantara International team accompanies you throughout the year for your international interventions.


Being able to respond effectively to the media (press, radio, web or TV journalists) is an essential exercise for communication professionals in companies or public institutions. It is also a necessary skill for many executives, managers or experts solicited for an interview, following a happy event or a crisis affecting their establishment.

But to respond with ease to one or more journalists in front of a microphone, under the eye of a camera or in front of an audience, it is not improvised! In this area, the adage “We only know what we practice” makes perfect sense!

By participating in this training “media training” offered exclusively intra and led by two consultants expert in corporate communication and journalism, you will discover the techniques used by communication professionals to get the message out, avoiding errors, inaccuracies and bypassing the pitfalls of oral communication


Media training and leaders coaching

We work hand-in-hand with you to help you find the perfect posture to gain the support, confidence, and closeness of your audience, while strengthening your personal image.

Managers and leaders are often expected to speak in public during strategic meetings or major events. This inescapable exercise of communication is sometimes dreaded when it comes to answering journalists, facing a microphone or cameras.

Because we know how much you are expected, we identify together the best practices that will allow you to gain height, to stay in tune with your image and the information that you convey, leaving little room for ‘improvisation.

We work hand-in-hand with you to find the perfect posture to gain the support, confidence, and proximity of your audience, while strengthening your personal image.


Beyond a specific support for an event or a speech, we are accompanying you throughout the year for your international interventions, in order to be able to respond effectively to the media:


  • Themes and situations
  • Formulation of messages
  • Speech preparation
  • Speaking techniques
  • Background briefing
  • Current situation and media update
  • Face-to-face assistance in French, Arabic, English and Spanish.